The STEM Maker Academy for Kids

What is steamoji?

A place for children to create a sense of meaning and master future-facing skills.

Steamoji is a STEM maker academy for kids aged 5-14 that trains builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Skill pathways

A new learning experience.

Technological change is accelerating. Many parents recognize STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) are fundamental in preparing their children for the careers of the future, but see schools more focused on traditional studies. Steamoji’s 400-hour curriculum is designed to fill the gap in a structured and reinforcing fashion across each subject pathway. Students are taught basic skills, then encouraged to practically apply them in the spirit of “Build to Solve™”.

  • Fabrication
  • Physical
  • Engineering
  • Digital arts
  • Coding
  • Applied Design
Why Steamoji Works

Steamoji students will be ahead of the curve by gaining essential skills for the 21st-century while learning how to tackle their generation’s global challenges.

While there are other camps introducing STEAM concepts, there is no other structured program like Steamoji which takes an elementary school child through 400 hours of reinforcing projects over a 5-year time period.

  • A Confident, Can Do Mindset

    Exposing children to new technology skills helps give them confidence to tackle new challenges. An open mindset is encouraged to always try, adapt and try again.

  • Guidance from Subject Matter Experts

    Subject matter experts demonstrate and provide guidance on developing foundational skills. Facilitators supervise to help overcome any challenges.

  • Real skills your child will use

    The focus is on teaching foundational skills, then encouraging apprentices to imagine, create and improve their own solutions.

for parents

Build a connection.

With the Steamoji Parent App, you can check in on your child’s progress, view the artifacts they’ve created, even schedule and book classes at your fingertips. We will also equipt you with follow-up questions from your child’s lesson plan so you can build a connection by learning with them.

for kids

A new learning community.

Today's students require rich and immersive learning experiences that not only expose them to a vast array of subject matter, but prepare them for the future. Our Makers build to solve new and innovative challenges every day, gaining the skills and confidence they need to be the Innovators of Tomorrow.


What Parents Are Saying

Alexender P. (Parent)

"We have our child in this program and it is excellent. It fills a niche between learning things that are abstract and building things to completion. It’s a well designed program and the instructors are very good."

Jennifer A., (Parent)

"The Steamoji program has been such a wonderful experience for my son! It's opened his world up and has changed his life right now in such a positive way! He's found something he's passionate about and he can't get enough of the program. He's excited about attending every Steamoji session and wishes he could do it every day! It's fun watching his excitement and his interests and skills expand! "

Alina S., (Parent)

"My kids’ favourite after-school activity! Drop in classes are great and schedules are stress free. By the end of each session parents receive a short video where the children talk about what they have done. We recommend Steamoji to our friends and some of them have already signed up."

Aleksanda B. (Parent)

"It has been great to see my daughters create and build things with their hands. They sometimes struggle with the abstract nature of school subjects. It's great to see them engaged with technology and eager to apply their new skills. My hope is that the learning experience they are getting at Steamoji will give them a leg up in the future."