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About Us

Our Promise

We train builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Technological change is accelerating. Many parents feel that traditional schools will not adequately prepare their children for the careers of their future. This feeling is particularly acute for parents currently working in STEAM fields, as they see the disconnect between skills that are needed and what their children will learn.

Schools are often constrained by slow-changing state standards, school board requirements, existing infrastructure and available personnel. If they are exposing children to these subjects it is in a very restricted, ‘sampling’ fashion.

Steamoji aims to fill this gap by producing a structured, and reinforcing, project curriculum designed to provide 400 hours of student activity.

Build to Solve™!

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Our Story

Guided by a

At school, my older son was often afraid of trying new things for fear of making a mistake, of being wrong. I thought this was terrible as I haven’t achieved anything significant on my first attempt. It usually takes a series of attempts – of trial, failure, success and iteration – to build anything of significance.

I wanted to expose my two sons to design thinking and maker skills to address this, but struggled to find a solution. I was overwhelmed by the number of project options available on Amazon (try searching for ‘STEM kits’!). My sons enjoyed projects at local maker spaces over Summer camps, but where was the progression when they showed an interest in learning more?

An entreprenuer at heart, I started working with a group of other parents to try to come up with a solution. This is how Steamoji was born.

“Quite simply, I am building Steamoji to better prepare my sons to proactively take on the challenges of their future.”

Let’s get building!

Hank Horkoff,
Co-Founder & CEO

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