The building blocks of the Steamoji curriculum

As apprentices move through our 400-hour Build to Solve curriculum, they’ll complete Missions across four key pathways: Fabrication, Physical Computing, Engineering and Digital Arts.

Each Mission includes a series of smaller projects that are designed to teach apprentices to master a key skill or concept within the pathway they’re currently working on. This format helps kids to develop a strong foundation of STEM knowledge while simultaneously sharpening their brainstorming, planning, and problem-solving skills.

Subject Pathways

Fabrication: This pathway is all about designing and building physical structures through both additive and subtractive methods, such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

Physical Computing: This pathway is about combining coding with machines to create interactive and intelligent systems that can perform real-world tasks, such as robots and technological devices.

Engineering: This pathway explores science and math in a fun and interactive way, teaching apprentices to create physical structures that perform tasks and solve problems, including simple and complex machines.

Digital Arts: This pathway shows apprentices how to use digital tools to channel their creativity and transform their ideas into engaging content, such as animation and game design.