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Steamoji trains builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs.

Technological change is accelerating. Many parents feel that traditional schools will not adequately prepare their children for the careers of their future. This feeling is particularly acute for parents currently working in STEAM fields, as they see the disconnect between skills that are needed and what their children will learn. Steamoji aims to fill this gap by producing a structured, and reinforcing, project curriculum designed to provide 400 hours of student activity.

Steamoji’s structured maker academy approach exposes kids to a wide variety of technologies and tools for problem-solving, invention, engineering and fabrication. Students create and learn fundamental skills in coding, digital arts, robotics, 3D printing and much more while they gain the confidence to overcome challenges through logic, observation and reasoning.

Steamoji students will be ahead of the curve by gaining essential skills for the 21st-century while learning how to tackle their generation’s global challenges!

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    224, 222 Baseline Road
    Sherwood Park, Alberta
    T8H 1S8
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