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Steamoji offers a number of programs to help train your child to become a future builder, maker, inventor or entrepreneur.


Build to Solve™

Designed for 6-14 year-olds, Steamoji’s after-school STEM program takes Apprentices through our 400-hour Build to Solve™ curriculum. They’ll learn coding, robotics, 3D printing, graphic design, animation, 3D design and other innovative technical skills as they complete missions across four subject pathways: Fabrication, Physical Computing, Engineering and Digital Arts.

Standard memberships include:

  • Full access to your Steamoji Academy, including all equipment and materials
  • Flexible booking to suit your schedule, with each project designed to fit a 60-minute window
  • Your own parent app, which includes easy online booking, progress updates, educational prompts, and videos of your kids in action!
  • Book a free trial to see your local Steamoji academy and get hands-on with one of our fun projects!

Oji Junior

Designed for our youngest Apprentices (typically ages 5-6 years). Oji Junior is our purpose-built STEM curriculum that will level-up Oji Junior Apprentices with STEM skills and prepare them to transition into our Build to Solve™ curriculum. Tailored for small hands and big imaginations, Oji Junior introduces kids to computing, art, building, and beyond.

Standard memberships include:

  • Access to the Oji Junior curriculum, including all equipment and materials
  • Flexible booking to suit Oji Junior Apprentices
  • Your own parent app, where you can book sessions, track progress, and watch videos of your kids as they level up!
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After-School Programs

If you school does not offer a Steamoji after-school program, please have them contact the nearest Steamoji academy.

Birthday Parties

Host your child’s next birthday party at a Steamoji academy, or at your own location, and invite all their friends for a fun and educational good time filled with STEAM-focused activities.

Holiday Camps

Steamoji offers a number of holiday camps over Spring, Summer and Winter breaks. Engage your child in a week-long camp of STEAM projects and activities!

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