Frequently Asked Questions

Steamoji was founded by Hank Horkoff, a father with 2 pre-teenage sons. He wanted to expose them to STEAM skills. He tried doing it himself, but got overwhelmed when searching for ‘STEM kits’ on Amazon with thousands of options. He tried Summer Camps at local maker spaces, got his children excited, but then had no way for them to continue to nurture that interest. An entrepreneur himself at heart, he recruited a talented group of other parents (sharing similar frustrations) and a network of subject matter experts to bring Steamoji to life.

Steamoji is for families with children aged 6-14. While there is a lot of facilitator support, our delivery model relies on the apprentice having basic reading skills. At such an early-age, there can be a lot of developmental variations, so we have even had children as young as 5 successfully use our program. We recognize there are older teenagers that are interested in what we do and would encourage them to become facilitators to help the younger children.

Our curriculum is compromised of 400 hours, broken down into 45 structured and reinforcing courses, or missions as we refer to them. The missions are divided into 4 subject pathways of fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts. A full list of all of our missions can be found here, as well as a full list of the skills we teach here.

No. Steamoji World is only available for young apprentices. Older teenagers are encouraged to become facilitators and can also learn the same skills.

Steamoji is ensuring the safety of all apprentices and their families by limiting the number of workstations in our academies to allow for social distancing, providing PPE such as masks and hand sanitizer and sanitizing equipment and surfaces after every use. Facilitators are required to wear masks at all times and masks are strongly encouraged for apprentices.

Yes! Steamoji’s “Build to Solve” Intro Program is offered online via weekly Zoom sessions organized by grade level. This 10-week program is offered At School or At Home for $300 per student. We provide everything your child will need to follow along for a $50 materials cost.

Technological change is accelerating. Many parents feel STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) are important to help prepare their children for the careers of their future, but see schools more focused on traditional studies. These 'maker' skills will provide a solid training for your child to adapt to this rapid change by becoming a builder, maker, inventor or entrepreneur of the future.

We are a young brand and very much appreciate ideas, feedback and suggestions. Follow us on social media. Please also let your friends and schools know about us as well. Thank you!

Yes, we have been built from day one to franchise. Find more info at