10-Week Introductory Program

Please note this program can be delivered virtually or in-person.

Steamoji’s 10-week introductory program compliments and enriches children’s school studies by exposing them to new technologies in fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts. With these foundational skills, students are then challenged with problems and encouraged to imagine, create and improve their own solutions.

In the first set of projects, apprentices learn how to create 3-dimensional models using a 3D pen as one method of additive fabrication. Apprentices begin by designing a standing nameplate and progress through more complex, 3-dimensional projects, culminating in a scale model of a famous architectural structure.

3D printers and laser cutters are valuable prototyping tools that Steamoji apprentices can use to bring their concepts to life. In the second set of projects, apprentices explore how laser cutters can be used for various applications of design and fabrication. Apprentices learn about cutting and engraving techniques by designing their own wooden puzzle, and then design components that, when cut, can be assembled into 3-dimensional designs that include a standing animal profile and customized box.

Once apprentices have a solid grasp of these foundational concepts, they will further develop their digital design skills by learning how to use a simple, web-based program called TinkerCAD to view, edit, and create their own models before sending them to a 3D printer. Apprentices begin by acquiring core 3D CAD skills, then learn how to import and modify existing files, and finally consolidate their skills by designing and printing their own creation from scratch.

During these 10 weeks of projects, the “Build to Solve” Intro program introduces core fabrication and applied design skills that will set apprentices off on a creative journey to become a maker, while building their confidence by taking risks and following the iterative design process that bold innovation requires.

Contact your local Steamoji academy for registration information.