Steamoji offers a number of programs to help train your child to become a future builder, maker, inventor or entrepreneur.

  • Try it Out
    10-Week Introductory Program
    $ 379

    / 10 week semester

    • Learn the basics of 3D printing, CAD design and laser cutting
    • 10-week program starting at the beginning of every month
    • Weekly virtual Zoom sessions (optional)
  • At Steamoji
    The Full Academy Experience
    From $ 299

    / month

    On an annual basis.
    • The full Steamoji World experience.
    • Twice-weekly, one-hour, instructor-directed learning sessions
    • Extra drop-in rights to use the equipment, tools & materials at the academy for self-directed projects. *
    • 400 hours of structured, STEAM projects designed for children aged 5-14.
    • Book a tour to preview the full experience.
    * provided there is an available workstation
    Steamoji Ignite

    Designed for older apprentices aged 15-18, this mentorship program engages your child with advanced projects in coding, robotics and physical computing while teaching them the foundations of entrepreneurship.

    Memberships from $ 149

    / month

    for a 4-month semester
    Oji Junior

    Give your kidergarten-age child a head start and help them transition into the Steamoji Build to Solveā„¢ curriculum.

    From $ 299

    / month


    Steamoji offers a number of holiday camps over Spring, Summer and Winter breaks. Engage your child in a week-long camp of STEAM projects and activities!

    From $ 349

    / week

  • In Your Community
    After School Program

    Contact your school.

    If you school does not offer a Steamoji after-school program, please have them contact the nearest Steamoji academy.

    Birthday Parties

    Host your child's next birthday party at a Steamoji academy, or at your own location, and invite all their friends for a fun and educational good time filled with STEAM-focused activities.