There are a few ways your child can develop with Steamoji: (1) at a Steamoji academy with all the tools, materials and safety protocals needed with our trained staff, (2) virtually at home with our "Build to Solve" intro program, (3) at an after-school program offered at their school (4) at one of our holiday camps, or (5) with a lot of your help using the free Mission Maps available on this website!

  • At Home
    The "Build to Solve" Intro
    (COVID-safe version)
    $ 30

    / per week

    for 10 week semester
    • Weekly virtual Zoom sessions
    • Learn the basics of 3D printing, CAD design and laser cutting
    • 10-week program starting at the beginning of every month
    • Necessary tools and materials provided for $50 extra
  • At Steamoji
    The Full Academy Experience
    From $ 300

    / month

    On an annual basis.
    • The full Steamoji World experience.
    • Twice-weekly, one-hour, instructor-directed learning sessions
    • Extra drop-in rights to use the equipment, tools & materials at the academy for self-directed projects. *
    • 400 hours of structured, STEAM projects.
    • Book a tour to preview the full experience.
    * provided there is an available workstation
  • At School
    After School Program

    Contact your school.

    If you school does not offer a Steamoji after-school program, please have them contact the nearest Steamoji academy.